Hacking Video Playback Speed

With a number of video providers allowing for 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x video playback, I quickly find the lack of playback speed adjustment being excruciatingly painful when it’s not an available feature. I’d like to share a quick hack to empower you to watch videos faster, even when a player doesn’t provide the option.

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A Quick Background on HTML

Tags provide much…

A Guide to Generating Solutions

As a colleague of mine famously once said,

“This will be easy the second time!”

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Not every problem can be as easy as solving something for the second time, but there are many techniques which can help to generate effective solutions.

When encountering a problem, I use the following cycle:

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Identify the Pain Points
  3. Theorize a Solution
  4. Evaluate the Solution

Understand the Problem

At a glance, this is not monumental advice. However, having a strong understanding of the problem is essential to crafting effective solutions. …

With React.js

As a hobbyist musician, I love programming projects that bridge the gap between music and technology. A Sound Matrix is a series of squares that, if enabled, play sounds as the beat loops. Let’s build one using React!

Getting Started

npm install -g create-react-app

This globally installs create-react-app, a tool that assists in the initial configuration of a React project. Create a new application and cd to the new directory using the commands below.

create-react-app sound-matrix --use-npm
cd sound-matrix


Create-react-app is incredibly convenient, but provides more than…

The Mutli-Tool of JS

When it comes to reduce, there are two groups of people:

  1. I don’t know reduce well enough for it to be beneficial
  2. I wish I would have learned reduce sooner

Reduce is an incredibly power tool which can make your life easier with less code. Its flexible nature allows reduce to fill a wide range of use cases, some of which we’ll explore today.

What is Reduce

The Structure of Reduce

At the most basic level, reduce is a higher-order function which takes two values.

With Node and Mocha

When code just works, it’s often unappreciated. However, when code breaks, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Unit testing is great method for providing insurance that code is performing as expected and continues to do so when updates occur.

This guide provides an introduction to the concepts of unit testing using Node and Mocha.

Getting Started

First, create a new directory and initiate npm with default settings. Then, create two files named nameChecker.js and test/testNameChecker.js. …

If you haven’t heard of Grafana, you’re missing out. The folks on their team have built an incredible data visualization and monitoring tool designed to beautifully display platform metrics. If you’re interested in learning more about Grafana’s capabilities, check out their website.

Photo credit: grafana.com

I encountered Grafana while working on a monitoring project and wanted to explore the platform’s capabilities in an isolated environment. Queue AWS Fargate. Borrowing the marketing pitch from AWS:

AWS Fargate allows you to run Docker and AWS-hosted containers without having to manage servers or clusters.

To make things better, Grafana has a public docker image. With all…

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